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Adam Newman

Co-Founder, DNP, APRN, CRNA

Adam Newman

Adam Newman, DNP, APRN, CRNA, is a native of the DFW area, growing up in Arlington before heading to the University of Texas at Austin. After completing a Bachelor of Science in biology, he moved back to the DFW area but felt that something was missing from his career. Coming from a family in the healthcare field, he had always been interested in the medical sciences. 

He knew he needed to change directions, and upon a chance meeting with a local nurse anesthesiologist, he found something that piqued his interest. Pursuing his passion, Adam finished a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Texas Woman’s University and worked in Dallas as an ICU nurse at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center for several years. Adam then attended TCU’s nurse anesthesia program. After a rigorous 3-year education covering all aspects of anesthesia, including a residency in Dayton, Ohio, he graduated with a Doctor of Nursing Practice in Anesthesia. 

Wanting to be closer to family and friends, he and his wife moved back to Texas, where they have two young sons to keep them busy! Adam began performing anesthesia at local hospitals and surgery centers for a wide variety of cases, including ketamine therapy. After listening to the profound benefits patients were receiving from their ketamine infusions, he knew he had to make this exciting new treatment available to help a larger audience.


Allison Insley

Co-Founder, BSN, MSN, APRN, CRNA

Allison Insley

Allison Insley, BSN, MSN, APRN, CRNA, earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Florida Gulf Coast University. She then entered the United States Air Force. Allison was selected to attend the highly competitive Joint Army/Air Force Trauma Fellowship. She deployed multiple times throughout the world, serving both in Trauma ICUs and as a part of the elite Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT).

After her military service, Allison attended Texas Wesleyan University and earned her Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia. She worked at the Dallas Veterans Administration hospital for several years as part of her mission to help the veteran community. Serving the veteran community and helping people improve their quality of life have been the primary principles that have guided Allison’s career.

Allison is also credentialed at numerous hospitals throughout the DFW metroplex, where she both maintains her anesthesia practice, as well as mentors future medical professionals. Outside of the clinical setting, Allison enjoys spending as much time as possible with her family.

Our Mission

Giving People Control over Mental Illness, Pain, and Addiction -- One Patient at a Time

We want to help the people of the Dallas-Fort Worth area enjoy the richness of life with the people they love. When mood disorders, substance abuse, or pain disorders take over an individual’s life, that person suffers, their family suffers, and their community suffers. Everyone deserves the chance to bring their full selves to what matters to them. We’re here to help.



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